Our products include the following. Please reach out via email for customized inquiries.

Ingredients for your potting mixture:

  • Coco-peat (normal and washed)
  • Coco-chips (graded and washed)
  • Cut fibre
  • Mixtures of the above (peat, chips and cut fibre)

Ready to use products:

  • Bails (compressed bales of 30 x 30 x15 cm and packed and palletized as customer’s requirement, recommended for potting soil manufactures or bulk uses)
  • Disks
  • Bags (compressed coco peat in a polythene bag of 65 x 45 x 30 cm size, hand breakable , easy to use by individual growers)
  • Mini jumbo bags (loosely packed to re-open quickly, easy reconstitution, ready to use, can be used by individuals with minimum machinery)
  • Grow bags (any size of grow bag in any different formula for different plants in green house and protected agriculture industry)
  • Planter bags (any size of planter bag for home garden or commercial agriculture to suit to any plant)
  • Basic Potting mixtures (ready to use, enrich with plant nutrients for early plant growth, well balance pH, Air filled Porosity, well drainage , filled lose in polythene bags for the end customer , palletized or bulk loaded in to a container)